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Sherman and Grayson County

Lawyers Marcus T. Olds and Timothy E. Brown have been serving the Sherman and Grayson County area for over a decade combined.  If you have been charged in Grayson County, you need a lawyer who knows the Grayson County District Attorney’s Office, the three Grayson County district court judges and two county court at law judges.  For a Class C charge such as Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Minor in Consumption of alcohol, you will need a lawyer who is familiar with each of the four Justices of the Peace in Grayson County.  

Is My Lawyer Familiar with Grayson County Courts?

Olds & Brown are familiar with the prosecutors and judges assigned to handle criminal cases in these various courts through over a decade of combined experience in Defense practice.  Olds & Brown has won verdicts of “Not Guilty” from Grayson County juries including serious felony charges.  Their aggressive and thorough defense has resulted in mistrial for prosecutor misconduct, even dismissal of charges in the middle of trial.   Clients  receive  the  added  benefit  of  an  attorney  who  has  worked  in  the  Grayson  County  District  Attorney’s  Office  and  an  attorney  who  has  worked  in  law  enforcement  in  Sherman,  Texas.

Who is a good lawyer in Sherman?

Grayson County is an especially difficult place for a criminal charge such as possession of marijuana, possession of drugs, domestic violence, DWI, or any other criminal charge.  A good lawyer in Sherman is one who puts pressure on the prosecution.  He holds the District Attorney’s Office to its high burden of proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.  He fights against a guilty plea whenever possible and works toward fair compromise when necessary.  He is not afraid of judges or juries and has gone to trial many times.  Olds & Brown consistently do all these things resulting in respectful professional relationships and many satisfied clients.  

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